Death is Nuts!

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Can something as simple as nuts help prolong death? Dr Greger says YES! Nuts have always been considered healthy. A study done at Harvard says nuts lowered cancer and heart disease. But nuts are fattening aren’t they? It turns out nuts do NOT increase body weight. Are nuts part of your diet? If not start eating them. If you are eating them, KEEP IT UP! it appears the benefits will pass when you stop eating nuts. Isn’t it better to take some nuts, vegetables & fruits instead of a handful of artificial drugs?

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About Wil -União 13

Learning through both "bad" and "good" experiences, living through everything/everyone's eyes as I progress and remember more about being In Wholeness. Ascending and descending (cycling) my innergy, collecting data as I move into higher frequencies and subsequently sharing when reaching the lower worlds. -All is Self - this is the highest maxim.

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