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Step by step how to unlock and get your body back online (Jump start your activation part.2)

You are what you eat. Your level of consciousness and what you are aware of is governed by what you intake; mentally, physically and spiritually. Be an optimist and know that to be able to change your physical vehicle to a better stage, it will take some time so do not rush. Wholeness

“When you change your frequency, you are then aware of the reality that corresponds to that frequency, meaning that, the frequency shift in the body produces a vivid experience that changes all synonymous frequencies. I.e., If you’re on this low frequency, then you’ll be in this “Baghdad/hood” state of mind or area for a prolong period of time until you rise up/out of that frequency.”

At Realm Dynamics you will find internal cleansing kits, etheriums, ultra pure liquid monatomics, colloidals, ayurvedic supplements, biochemical cell salts and other vital supplements that when used properly, it’ll propel you into a higher frequency and you’ll be able to access higher states of consciousness.

You can also refer to my series of videos that go step by step in getting your body online:

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