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50% off on select High Grade Monatomics @ Realm Dynamics (Special Limited Time Offer)

50% off monatomics

We are pioneers in the industry of Pure Liquid Monatomics e.g. mRu, mIr, mOs, Spagyrics, and Exotic Matter. We present high energy substances that induce an array of abilities allowing one to excel.

Realm Dynamics “We Activate Humans”

What are monatomics ?

To make what can be a very complex subject simple; imagine the elements on the Periodic Table and the various uses they have. Generally most of these elements cannot be ingested by the human body in their raw form. However when these elements are sent through an Alchemical procedure, they become Monatomics allowing them to be safely ingested. This allows you to gain the benefits of very rare elements that are the building blocks of advanced states of consciousness.



frequency 8The physical human body is phi based.  Such geometry can easily be perceived as a prison rather than a shield for those who lack the ability to project beyond it. O.B.E. development is essential to turning the tables on thoughts of confinement. Frequency 8™ is a sonic propellant that dissolves instinctual stress, depression, and fear associated with being confined to the body.  A unique Ormes formula combined with 8Hz, a scientifically proven sonic propellant, becomes proficient for neural navigation.

Formula: mIr (Iridium), mPt (Platinum), mSe (Selenium), mRu (Ruthenium) – (m= m-state)



frequency 432Frequency 432 functions as an insulator to the human bio-electrical field – realigning the synaptic functions. This creates an effective screen for the magnetic centers of the body to prevent over stimulation which can cause damage to your magnetic wheels. Frequency 432 operates as a shield against the damages of improper spiritual oversight which include ingestion of hallucinogenic substances, chanting or utilizing mantras, and aggressive breathing exercises.

Formula: mAg (Silver), mCu (Copper), mRh (Rhodium), mB (Boron) – (m= m-state)

MFKZT 4000:


MFQZT 4000Pure Monatomic Platinum. The transformed state of Pt quintessence formulated as a superconductor. Mfkzt 4000™ is premium exotic matter suspended in a state of high spin. It is associated with higher levels of self mastery and can also be considered as an asymmetrical super-deformed hybrid. It is labeled as such because there is no net loss of energy when exchange occurs between element and aspirant.

Formula: mPt (platinum) – (m= m-state)



onirosOniros™, a spagyric quintessence of gold and other exotic matter vivifies advanced sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch while engaged in the dream state. Oniros™ encourages the aspirant to gain full control of the spacial related to the dream world. this leads to progress in the physical reality through a effect called “smearing”. This indicates when things are strongly concentrated upon and interacted with in the dream world manifest in some form or fashion.

Formula: mAg (Silver), mPt (Platinum), mRh (Rhodium), mRu (Ruthenium) – (m= m-state)



agritomicsAgritomics™ is a combination of 22 phyto-active m-state elements obtained from hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (silica clay) that contains over 59 periodic elements. 22 elements exhibit a very high gradient of resonance such as to affect in a positive way significant growth and development of the plant species. Monatomic gold is the m-state element with the highest gradient of resonance capable of directly interacting with the vegetable growth factors.

Formula: 22+ phyto-active m-state elements, 59 periodic elements, silica

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