The body is a Universe….

The body is a universe.  Other beings are living inside of you.  You can be invaded. You must get back to the throne of your consciousness – sit in the seat – become the sun that shines forth Self.  Do not take the false light or illusion that you are not that.

The activated body unlocks the innerverse.  A flexible body is indeed a flexible mind, and allows one to discover the inner recesses of the Self.  Humans are themselves – the Russian doll.  The planets collapse into the human being, and lay dormant within the human being, waiting to be awakened.

Get into your body and reign as king/queen over your own body.  Stop sitting around all day and not building oxygen up in the blood. Push it.  Talk to it.  Speak to yourself: “the way we are handling things is not going to work out – you need to go work out with me, and clean yourself out so we can get this kundalini buzzing to purify and burn off these toxins.”

Get on high spin || || Be #Intheknow

About Wil -União 13

Learning through both "bad" and "good" experiences, living through everything/everyone's eyes as I progress and remember more about being In Wholeness. Ascending and descending (cycling) my innergy, collecting data as I move into higher frequencies and subsequently sharing when reaching the lower worlds. -All is Self - this is the highest maxim.

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