Vibration of Food

Everything in the Universe has a vibration, this includes your body. Every, animal, plant, flower, rock and tree has its own specific vibration. Each type of cell, organ, and system in each living organism also has its very own specific vibration. Each thought and emotion has its own vibration. Each sound and color has its own vibration too.

When a person is not well their body’s vibration lowers, the immune system weakens, and many pathogens enter and stay in a that body. This includes parasites, worms, bacterial infections, viruses, and different types of fungus. These pathogens  not only affect the direct functioning of a body, but they also cause other problems because they continue to unload many toxins into the blood stream. As a result this affects our mind and our emotions and has a strong influence on our personality and thinking and decisions we make.

Everything we do has a lasting effect on our systems but what we eat has one of the most significant impacts.

Below is a list of  Food Vibrations – listed from lowest to highest.

1. The lowest of all possible vibrations to consume are any animals – meats and fish and their products, eggs, milks, caviar, yogurt etc. Meat is the densest energy and it makes the entire body and our energy flow at a much

Give peas a chance, Go Vegan!

lower vibration. Meats are also extremely acidic. Once eaten they increase the acidity of the body. High acidity is one of the causes of high blood-pressure, cholesterol and kidney stones as well as cancer. Eating a flesh of another living creature is not only unhealthy but inhumane. All animal products contain the karma and the energy of the animal, as well as their unprocessed toxins. The worst is that these animals know that they are heading to their death so you also are consuming the fear that this creature has faced. Eating flesh foods increases the animal frequencies in the body and activates tendencies such as anger, lust, fear, and aggressiveness.  Eating animal products such as eggs and milk is also consuming the energy of that animal. You can obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals and nutrients from eating a well-balanced vegan or raw vegan diet.

Conditioning plays a very important role in our lives. What we grow up with is what we know to be “true” but often it isn’t so. It’s never too late to start to treat other living beings better and to change your eating habits. Start first by becoming a vegetarian and then with time a vegan (not consuming any animal products – that includes, eggs, cheeses, etc). Doesn’t matter small or big – it has a right to be alive.

2. Next in line are ALL cooked/baked/broiled/barbecued foods. Think of it this way – would you stick your hand in a pot of boiling water, or in a hotoven? You probably answered no, reason being is that you know you will burn your hand. Cooking food above 47C (105F) does the same thing – it burns the food – it removes all of it nutritional value and minerals and what you are eating is no longer nutritionally viable for your body, mind and spirit. It is better than eating meat – for example – but it is still not an optimal source of nutrition. I am not going to even mention microwave here as that is basically radiating your food and your body.

3. Following is Steamed Vegetables – steaming is a little controversial. The steam that comes off from boiling water can be very hot.

Improving our health

Most people will steam things for over the preferred time – thus ending up cooking it, and losing all the enzymes and valuable minerals and vitamins. Most vegetables can be eaten raw, if you need to steam something to warm it up or to improve its texture/taste – as you are transitioning to raw – the maximum time to steam is between 5 to 9 min. This allows the steam to penetrate the veggie enough to soften it but not enough to cook it and destroy it – most things if steamed for this time will still be crisp – but warm and very succulent. Steaming adds moisture to the veggies and there is some loss of nutrient but not nearly enough as damaging as cooking.

:) 4. Dehydrating fruits and vegetables – This is the best way in which to prepare warm food. Food is never exposed to a temperature over 45C (105F). Through the process of dehydration – which can be slow – moisture is removed without damaging the enzymes and the nutritional value of an item. A lot of amazing dishes can be prepared using a dehydrator and possibilities are endless.

:) 5. Raw Food – If you are going to eat this is the best way. Becoming 100% raw vegan is not only serving your body but also the planet and its inhabitants. You are helping all, cleaning yourself and creating a better, deeper and lasting connection spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Best Food – Raw Food

The basic premise is: Eat what increases your vibration and health and the health of the planet as a whole, don’t eat the things that diminish that vibration and connectedness with the Source.



About Wil -União 13

Learning through both "bad" and "good" experiences, living through everything/everyone's eyes as I progress and remember more about being In Wholeness. Ascending and descending (cycling) my innergy, collecting data as I move into higher frequencies and subsequently sharing when reaching the lower worlds. -All is Self - this is the highest maxim.

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